Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Meeting with Brian Gentile (CEO – Jaspersoft) in Paris


Hi all,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet Brian Gentile, Jaspersoft CEO, in Paris. We spoke during 1h30 around a coffee about BI, french market, new trends, cloud computing, etc … and of course about JasperSoft (October 7, 2010, Jaspersoft announced JasperReports Server Professional Edition).

It was delightful to speak with someone having a true 360° vision of our industry, having no limits in imagination and providing elegant yet realistic / pragmatic visions of the future. Visions are something really important for me and my way of doing business. I’m often sad to see we have little visions in France …

I’m not Jaspersoft spokesman, but I can say the following topics are - right now – part of their technology roadmap. And that’s really exciting !

  • Hive,
  • Distributed data processing with Hadoop, map / reduce …,
  • Cloud computing,
  • Accurate geo location features, using best of breed APIs,
  • Data analysis with interactions with – to name one – R,
  • Large scale analytics : Unstructured data to predictive,
  • Elegant mobile BI and real time BI for, as Brian Gentile says, “analytics everywhere”.

Thanks to Naoual MamecheEMEA Account Manager – for the meeting organization.

You can read more from Brian Gentile on his blog called The Open Book on BI.

Vincent&BrianGentileShooot, I just turned 37 y/o and my starting baldness is gaining ground …

As a reminder, I implemented Jaspersoft for Score-MD this year (ASP style datamining / scoring start-up for which I’m currently working). We are using a cloud infrastructure on EC2 and we are using Jaspersoft for BI & reporting features delivered to our final customers (some are ww and 24/24).

Also implemented in Score-MD, full cloud : Talend (TIS), PostgreSQL, R, Rapid Miner and Protocol Buffers.

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Sylvain said...

Salut Vincent

Très intéressant ce petit compte-rendu...
De mon côté il y a un sujet qui m'intéresse tout particulièrement: le geosbi !

On en discutera sûrement un de ces jours ;-)