Thursday, 14 October 2010

Modified Firefox ElasticFox plugin (handling micro instances)

Hi all,
ElasticFox is a wonderful plugin for you guys, AWS and Firefox geeks.
We all know AWS added a new instance size recently : micro. Micro instances are really small setups with approx 650 Mo RAM and are very useful to build small servers, controllers, dns, ftps …
Unfortunately I’m afraid there is no “micro” instance size in ElasticFox so far, have a look below.
That’s why I did my own hack. Note : this is a personal hack, not a new version of ElasticFox. Now you can launch a new instance using “micro” size. This is working perfectly for me (beware using micro instances with Ubuntu Lucid : issues with the fstab as described in http://alestic.com/).
Please let me know if this hack is usefull and working for you as well.
You can download this Elasticfox plugin here.
imageThe new micro instance size


lala said...

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