Monday, 28 March 2011

Wordle, wordmap, word clouds … what’s in a name ?

Hi all,

Wordmaps, wordles, word clouds … are pretty famous these days. But they are still “difficult” to generate : no api, often proprietary code, often only web based tools, difficulty to render good looking fonts ….

Last week, I was attending a client meeting and we showed some wordmaps of our own, created with R : great success. If you are involved into datamining or simply data visualization, these wordmaps / wordle are definitely a must have.

Here is a wordle I created using the excellent web site wordle.net, created by Jonathan Feinberg. Simply paste some of your data (previously prepared and formated) into text fields, press generate and the magic comes !

imageWordmap based on the keywords used to reach this blog.

Matthias Oehler and I are currently working on a webservice aimed at creating wordmaps. The process will be : send a soap message with your data in it and you will get your png wordmap in return. Promising, hum ?

Stay in touch …

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