Friday, 17 September 2010

News !!

Hi all,

Ive been quite busy since June. Sorry for that.
I'm currently participating in building a datamining company. We offer direct marketing scoring and segmentation in asp mode.
Quite a lot of work here.

Our architecture is :
- Postgresql (around 1To)
- JasperSoft
- Talend (TIS)
- R, RapidMiner
- Ubuntu.

I have done a cloud implementation on AWS. Works really fine, and really a good thing to manage IT cost as expenses (no CAPEX, only OPEX). 4000 $ per month for the whole thing since I precisely manage the uptime and downtine dynamically depending on the workload and processing windows.
Today, we are in production and have 8 more clients to implement before 31/12/2010.

We did a lot of open source as you see, and we had to create a lot of programs, plugins etc ...
I have, in stock, enough material to write 100 articles here !
I promise I will soon find some time to share all this knowledge with you.

Best regards,


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