Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Update RRD Tool with Kettle (Cacti …). New plugin.

Hi all,

I finally finished my new Kettle plugin. This one will be used to create and manage RRD files as well as feeding these RRD files. Of course, you need to use Pentaho Data Integration Tool for that (aka Kettle).

Reminder : RRD – Round Robin Database - is an open source tool for storage and retrieval of time series data. Very usefull when you need to monitor a couple of values in real time.

This new plugin is fully working and will be released tomorow for the community. I still have to do some cleaning, write a how-to and describe all the library I used (and give full credit their authors). But for the moment, you can find some pictures below showing the stuff running in Kettle with a simple transformation sending data from a csv file.


Above : You can create up to one datasource (enough for a first release) and you can create as many Consolidations as you want (very usefull), using the grid and the helper to choose the right values.


Here is what you can do with RDDTools !!! Pretty sexy, no ? I will use this Kettle plugin for one of my clients in Paris, who wants to monitor sales, booking and search engine optimization in real time, using a window gadget or a web page. The charts will look like these examples …

After this first coming release, I think I will add some features like dumping values or – better – updating the charts after the data feeding. Ah, no … just one in priority : convert epoch to human readable date …. ;) (because my plugin needs unix timespamp for the moment), but that’s an easy one.

Please, contact me if you are interested by testing this plugin.

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