Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Hi all,

Today, I want to put Sylvain Decloix, OSBI and ATOL into the lights.

Sylvain Decloix is a french BI Manager focused on Open Source, working for ATOL company.
He has a blog HERE, where you can find very good articles (in french) about BI, data integration, datawarehousing and reporting.
Not only a consultant and a manager able to provide high quality support on projects , Sylvain is what we can call a visionnary : he has very good knowledge of the BI industry, often delivers very sharp analysis about the market, trends and actors.
On top of that, he is very experienced with spatial data management and geocoding.

I recommend a frequent visit to his blog, and if you are looking for BI skills and consulting in France, you can definitely ask ATOL for assistance.

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