Thursday, 22 April 2010

Kettle plugin with Google map GeoCoding : I’m wrong !

Hi all,
Here is a link to a thread I initiated this morning after I was warned about my wrong usage of the Google Map API. Note that the limit for geocoding is now 2500 and no more 15000, which is not anymore a good thing in term of ETL process.
GeoCoding plugin thread on Google groups.
According I’m currently violating the term of use, the plugin will be unavailable for download today at 00:00 CET.
I’m sorry for that. I will start coding a new geocoding plugin for Kettle, using another – free -  geocoder / API …


Roland Bouman said...

Hi Vincent!

I'm so sorry to rain on your parade - I really am, and I really hope you can fix things without too much trouble.

Actually, I was thinking, you could still keep your original plugin as well - you just need to make the user aware that they need to contact Google for a license. I mean, really, the Google geocoding data is excellent - I looked around, and couldn't find a free one that matches it in terms of accuracy. So your original plugin could still be useful to people that really need exactly that.

Just my 2 cts.

Anyway - all this licensing business is of course completely outside the fact that you're doing a downright outstanding job with these plugins - it's truly admirable.

kind regards,


Vincent Teyssier said...

Many thanks Roland, for your message.
I just followed your advice and wrote Google to ask for flexibility.
Yes, you are right, Google Geocoding data is definitely excellent. I will have a look to openstreetmap, which is free, just in case ...

I have another Kettle plugin coming soon : a Google Spreadsheet data source for Kettle (like an excel / db / flatfile data source).
I will carefully read the licence terms now .... ;)

Sylvain said...

Salut Vincent,

Roland a tout à fait raison, on ne jette pas un plugin tel que le tien qui fonctionne à merveille !
Précise juste les conditions d'utilisation et tout ira bien !