Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sparklines for Excel !

Hi all,

Today I want to speak about Sparklines for Excel, "a set of free user defined functions for Excel to create sparklines".
Sparklines ? You know, those little graphics, often cell sized, as seen on a lot of financial / stock exchange / scientific screens.

Well, Frabrice Rimlinger is a smart french guy who coded these sparklines for Excel. VBA code, for all Excel flavors.

Have a look to his blog and download the macros. It is worth a try !

And now, my own personal usage of Sparkline : graphically showing source table sizes, related to my current datawarehouse project in Paris. I'm using the treemap component : each square size is calculated reagarding the table size. Colorization is done with a dynamic color scale.

Nice, isn't it ? And you know what ? Theses sparklines can be used with an OLAP Excel frontend : PALO, TM1 ... your choice...


Fabrice Rimlinger said...

Merci pour post Vince !

Susan said...

Merci pour post Vince !