Tuesday, 19 February 2008

COLORmyTail : Unix Tail for Windows !

Hi all,

Today I will give a little program I've coded in .NET and named ColorMyTail.

You all know the tail command on Unix : great command to parse a log file in real time.
I decided to code my own on Windows platform because this command does not exist.

But I also decided to include some value added : colorization !

To be short, my tail command works the same as on Unix but colors can be applied to the lines according some keywords.
Exemple : red when a log line contains ERROR, or green when the line contains SUCCESS.
The keywords / color association can be decided in a Formating.ini file.

Very usefull to monitor some sensitive logs on Windows platforms.
Caution : some troubles with Vista.
The install package is here.

Below some snapshots. The first one is really running in some prod environment for file routing, the second is to illustrate the full colorization.

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