Monday, 26 March 2007

Talend Open Studio 2.0.0 new features

Hi all,
Today, let's see what happening with TALEND Open Studio (TOS) 2.0.0.
According to talend.com, "Java Generation language is the new core feature added to Milestone 2 of Talend Open Studio v2.0 release. A number of Perl connectors now have their Java counterparts."
Great to see java is now available !

More new features :
  • New specific MySql and Oracle components,
  • Mysql "Bulk" components,
  • tFileFetch component,
  • tRowGenerator2 component,
  • Technical components: tFor & tSleep to implement a loop !
  • tAggregateRow component enhancements for better agregation,
  • External components, to link to your own production.

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