Monday, 19 February 2007

Interesting tip for Mondrian with XML/A

Hi all,

A few days ago, I discovered an interesting tip when using Mondrian with XML/A.
For the moment, I ignore if this issue is documented (and if it is a real issue ...).

Let me explain : when using Mondrian + XML/A on a schema containing dimensions with "name" properties in hierarchy, the schema validation crashes, so the query execution.

Example of faulty code, in XML/A mode :

Now, the working code. Note : replace Hierarchy name with Hierarchy caption ...

Just keep in mind I'm using Mondrian in XML/A mode on a Sun Sparc server with Solaris 8 and SunONE as application server (Oracle 8i as database).


Hari Nair said...


What is your expert opnion on using Mondrian over large Oracle Database

Vincent Teyssier said...

What I think is very common.
Mondrian is a great open source ROLAP engine. Use it with aggregated tables, better if partitionned (including indexes). Mondrian relies on the database, so you have to optimize your data structures and management for good performances (think of materialized views for instance).

Just to picture my thoughts, please have a look on this quote, from Julian Hyde (Mondrian's dad) :
"I'm surprised that people can run 10m+ row fact tables on Mondrian at all, without using aggregate tables or materialized views."

More in depth information about optimization here : http://mondrian.pentaho.org/documentation/performance.php

And of course my email, you are welcome :
vteyssier at decisionsystems-studio dot fr

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