Monday, 8 January 2007

BOBatchConverter : release 1.4

Hi all,

Here is the last release of BOBatchConverter. This tool will allow you to run, refresh, convert, post, send, email, publish any single Business Objects report or multiple reports.

Each action can be done with specific profiles (emailing ...) and I also provide a gui to manage your profiles (stored as XML files).
It's a command line tool, runs under XP or Server 2003 and can be used in conjunction of a good scheduler to become a BCA like (BCA is the BroadCast Agent, the batch mode of Business Objects).
Sure Business Objects is not free but this tool, which I keep developing since last October in .NET technology, is.

Here is the link to download the archive with documentation on how to use it :
Here are 3 snapshots : the profile manager, the xml file and the console output.

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Anonymous said...

Je ne trouve pas votre programme BOBatchConverter. Est-il encore disponible ? Pouvez-vous me le faire parvenir par mail ?
Grégory Poirson
RSI - Intermed